I have received the following internal and external awards:

Night Out Award (Department award, 2013)
Innovation, teamwork, and excellence

eAward (Department award, 2005)
Consistently doing a remarkable job while absorbing work well beyond the norm for the job

eAward (Department award, 2005)
Performing the work of multiple people while delivering superior quality documents

STC Award of Merit (2003)
HP-UX Workload Manager Overview

MSL Star Award (Department award, 2001)
HP-UX Workload Manager Overview

MSL Star Award (Department award, 2000)
PRM Memory Benchmark Paper

STC Award of Merit (2000)
Process Resource Manager User's Guide, 6th ed.

STC Award of Merit (2000)
PRM Version C.01.06 Training

Excellence in Leadership (Department award, 1999)
"For exceptional dedication and exemplary performance in your achievements for the writing team."

STC Award of Excellence (1998)
Exemplar C and Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide, 1st ed.

Charting New Territories (Department award, 1995)
Structuring Documents with FrameBuilder